Mei Lee

Born and raised in Hong Kong, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, I grew up in a society that embraced technological innovation while maintaining a deep respect for tradition, and at a young age I recognized the importance of both individuality and collaboration. My father practiced traditional Chinese medicine, and I was able to witness, firsthand, the gentle yet powerful healing properties harnessed through the knowledge of natural herbs. With a very specific selection of herbs, I saw my father heal countless patients by naturally restoring balance within their bodies. For the past 30 years, I have worked in finance and investing, however, I have always been passionate about health, wellness, and of course, skincare. For both my internal and external wellbeing, I always prefer to rely on the most unaltered ingredients available--the herbs used by my father, as well as a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Inspired by my father’s practice of traditional Chinese medicine, I strongly believe in a plant-based solution for the increasingly imminent issue of anti-aging. When I met Michael Scott in 2016, we decided to combine our passions: my commitment to herbs and other naturally derived products, and his 30+ years of experience in product research and chemistry. In a joint effort, we carefully selected a research team aiming to modify and refocus Ageless Zen and to fulfill our mission to produce only the finest natural skincare products. Some of these products include natural supplements and lifestyle programs, as well as skincare products for men, women and babies. “Science in Balance with Nature” is our initiative to combine the purest herbal extracts with cutting edge organic chemistry to create products that rejuvenate and perfect the skin--regardless of one’s age, ethnicity or gender--and allowing one’s inner beauty to shine through.

Dr. Inder Sehgal

Dr. Inder is an educator and researcher. He has taught professionally for students and conducted extramurally funded research at schools of pharmacy and veterinary medicine (he is also a veterinarian). He really enjoys developing nature-based products and testing them to ensure positive effects and safety. "Being a part of the Ageless Zen team is a great experience for me to grow and expand my knowledge" Says Dr. Inder. Also, he enjoys teaching, interacting with students and spending time with his wife, children and black Labrador retriever-mixes. He hopes to be part of establishing an exciting internship program in cosmetic, cleanser development, and testing here with Ageless Zen.

Ghulam Nabi

Ghulam Nabi is responsible for Ageless Zen’s communication with public through Website and Social Media platforms. He earned master’s degree in Global Media and Communication Studies from the University of Bridgeport. He grew up in well-knitted family in Pakistan. He has extensive work experience in Social Media, Online Advertising, and Traditional & Online Journalism for more than 4 years. He is an amazing multi-tasker and always cheer up Tahoe office members!!

Narumi Kobayashi

Narumi graduated from University of Nevada, Reno in 2018 Spring with BA Journalism. She is originally from Japan and came to the U.S. 4 years ago to study. Narumi has a variety of experience working in New Zealand and the United States as a marketing communication, journalism and video editor through international education, tourism, art, and news fields.  She is very excited working her first job in Ageless Zen!

Marjorie Guthrie

Marjorie has 20+ experience as a Creative Director in Consumer Packaged Goods for Global fortune 500 companies. She is very passionate about Branding and now she consults independently to support clients in creating great brands through design across multiple touch points. She is joining our Team from Texas! She is creative genius behind AZ Little Geniuses, and Natural Insect Spray.

Saori Levy

Saori is originally from Japan but came to study in the U.S. and earned her Graphic Design degree here. Saori had been worked in Chicago, Tokyo, and she is joining to AZ Team from Texas!! She is the Genius behind the beautiful and elegant designs of the AZ’s Day & Night Patent pending bottles, AZ Men Product line,, Inner beauty supplement sachet.

Maria Torres

Maria Torres loves to Spend my time outdoors as well as being around friends and family. In the time she has been with the Ageless Zen, She enjoys working with all the colleagues and learning from each one of them. Here at ageless zen, She makes sure that everything in the office is well organized and presentable for our employees and visitors to feel welcomed!

Jan Enggaard

Jan is the CED of NSCR Development ApS in Denmark. (Natural Skin Care RexCure Development) He is Danish and live in Denmark with 20 years of experience in developing Organic and Natural products for children and adults.


Justin has been in the IT field for three years and has acquired an Associates of Science and multiple computer certifications through Western Nevada College. He always strives for the pursuit of knowledge and is very proud to be apart of the ageless zen team.