Job Title: Administrative Assistant

General Job Purpose: Perform a wide range of administrative and office support activities for the department and/or managers and supervisors to facilitate the efficient operation of the organization.

Job Description Summary: Maintain and update databases and spreadsheets of office schedules, appointments, manage business travel / event plan, coordinate weekly staff meeting, order products and mail it out, assist other staff/interns’ work and give feedback, take part in clinical studies.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Schedule appointments and travel arrangements for manager or supervisor
  • Prepare agendas for weekly meetings and coordinate, record, manage the meeting
  • Maintain and update contact list when new staffs or clients are joined
  • Handle requests for information and data
  • Email appropriately and politely for response of certain clients or supervisors
  • Book reservations for hotels, airlines, any other plan set up for events/conferences
  • Update and follow up with TTDs(Tasks To Do) for everyone and keep track of database
  • Organize and manage supervisor’s email accounts or documents, bank statements
  • Check voicemail and remind supervisor while he or she is on business trip
  • Scan paper documents, receipts, business cards and organize in database
  • Answer phone calls, and direct calls to different departments and/or individuals

* Since this is an assistant position, there are a lot of tasks to help with other staff/interns’ work*

 Additional Responsibilities with Clinical Studies

  • Help out with making documents such as participants’ lists, calling sheet, Daily log, Thank you email templates etc.
  • Take a role on the Clinic day – i.e. Front desk – Greet participants, prepare their charts, have them sign all documents, agreements, informed consent, model release etc.
  • Make sure the participants clean their face with cleanser again and mark the time in every stage.
  • Have friendly manner and offer them to have a seat and have some drinks and snacks while waiting.
  • Call the participants about 1 hour before their appointment to remind them and double check.
  • Check the Daily log and make a note for the ones that have not completed or missed.
  • Check the front snacks and drinks from time to time and refill them when they run out.
  • Make appointment for the next visit when they check out, if it is their last visit, thank them and make sure they received their checks.
  • On the last visit – Collect all the products they have been using and mark it on the chart.
  • Send Thank you emails to all the participants after all of the clinic visits are done.

 Additional Assistance for other staff / intern’s work

  • Double check invoices from the staff who is in charge of Bottle shipments – make corrections, make sure everything matches with the email and the invoice, check the amount, date, invoice number etc.
  • Attend Meetings / Conference calls related to the task and make notes.
  • Help researching information, documents, events that are needed for other tasks.
  • Review new website design, contents and give feedback.
  • Review PowerPoints, Excel or other documents and make corrections or give comments.
  • Always be aware of other staff/ Interns’ roles and tasks and offer help before they ask.

Office Administrator Job Skills

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Detail oriented and works with accuracy
  • Highly organized and flexible
  • Ability to multitask and meet changing deadlines
  • Working knowledge of email, scheduling, spreadsheets and other database software


Education and Experience

  • Computer skills and knowledge of relevant software – Microsoft Office is minimum
  • Knowledge of operation of standard office equipment
  • Knowledge of clerical and administrative procedures and systems such as filing and record keeping
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of basic office management
  • Preferred Degree in Business Administration or other administration field
  • Preferred Experience in Administration / Assistance area
  • Preferred Second language, i.e. Spanish, Chinese, German


  • Must be fluent in English, with excellent spelling and grammar skills
  • Helpful if you have a second language; i.e. Spanish, Chinese or German


  • Full Time
  • Available now
  • 90 Day probation
  • Hourly/Salary is dependent upon your qualifications and experience.
  • Email Request for an application with your Resume to: