AZ Money Clip


18k Gold Plating on Sterling Silver AZ mounted on a Sterling Silver Tiffinay Money Clip with Green Tsavorite Gemstone. Tsavorite is the gemstone is best known for helping the person in discovering the beauty within him/herself and in others, and the wearer will be inspired to better make and maintain his/her own destiny rather than struggling and running after those things which are not meant for them. The Tsavorite gemstone is also known for increasing prosperity. Tsavorite not only bestows affluence but, also reduce the financial anxieties of the ones who wear it. The beautiful shining green crystals of Tsavorite have the ancient mystical history with history’s most spiritual, wealthy and powerful leaders, and is believed to bestows benevolence, vitality, prosperity, vigor, and compassion.

[ ABD1-AZMC18 ]

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