Welcome Health & Beauty Entrepreneurs

The World Has Changed

In today’s uncertain economy, (with mandated masks, distancing, and disinfecting) caused by increasing COVID cases, and doctors talking of 2nd, and 3rd waves, the way we work has changed dramatically.

Even if we are not afraid, many of our customers are! To make a living, we all must learn how to do business differently.

It is certain now that online and social media skills are crucial to help us reach out to, and serve our customers.

Ageless Zen Opportunity

Ageless Zen has built a State-of-Art Online Work-From-Home system to help its new product partners do business while working from home.

Ageless Zen is a Premium Natural Health & Beauty Products Online-Work-From-Home business that has also created of its product-line based on “Science in Balance with Nature”. These are Premium Natural & Effective Products with something for everyone in the family. Again, the Ageless Zen business model is based on its Work-from-Home Distributor Partners…not on retail stores.

Ageless Zen believes the best partners are those who are interested in, or already in the Health & Beauty field, like Dermatologists, Aestheticians, Cosmetologists, Nutritionists, fitness coaches or those who has high energy, love people, and enjoy networking, and comfortable communicating, sharing and even teaching using the social media platforms.

For Ageless Zen Entrepreneurs $$ Work-From-Home Business

Ageless Zen Provides You with: -Your Own Personalized Retail Web Site & Web Store. The Web Store includes the beautiful and effective Ageless Zen Product-line of Premium Natural Skin Care and Health Products, and State-of-Art-Online Marketing Resource Library & -Online Business Management Tools.

Welcome to the New Work-From-Home Global Economy

  • Ageless Zen helps you, learn how to market your business “online.”

  • Ageless Zen Provides the Security Payment System you can use in your new Online Store.

Why pay tens of thousands of dollars for a business franchise, sign your name to a long term lease, purchase all the equipment and furnishings, hire workers, and pay for advertising???.
You can start your own Ageless Zen Natural Health & Beauty Product Distributorship (from home) for less than $500!!

Ageless Zen Distributor Website and Web Store

  • 1. Ageless Zen Creates for “YOU” an Ageless Zen Website and Web Store in Your Name (Your Business Name), so your clients go to “Your” Own dedicated Online Website & Retail Web Store.

  • 2. This Website and Store comes with all the Business Tools Built in.

  • a. Products displayed with price

  • b. Language Translation options if needed

  • c. Store & Cart comes equipped to accept most common credit cards and PayPal.

  • d. Your Ageless Zen Website Home Page Reserves a Header Space for “Your Profile” and Contact information.

    Also on your Web Site Home Page, there has been Reserved a Footer Space (at bottom of page) where you may post message to your clients.

    For Example, Remember Wednesday Night 7pm Zoom cocktail Party!

Ageless Zen Website and Web Store

In Your Online BackOffice Control Center You Will Be Able To –:

  • a. Track Sales and Commission.

  • b. Edit Home Page Header & Footer message.

  • c. If you have sales team working with you, you can track their sales.

  • d. Access all the free educational & marketing material in your Resource Center.

  • - No credit card fees to you, these are paid by Ageless Zen.

  • - No problem in collections, Handled automatically.

  • - No Sales Tax reporting -this is handled by software automatically.

  • - No management of inventory, Ageless Zen Ships from its warehouse.

  • - No shipping & fulfillment for you to worry about, Ageless Zen handles these details.

Be a Consumer Educator

Work from Home, and teach others how they can improve their health, wellness and skin. Today communication is through Social Media and the use of Video Conferencing Apps.


Opportunity For Skin Care Professionals

Be an Ageless Zen Product Specialist

Teach your clients, how to use Ageless Zen product online. Share your professional knowledges of the unique natural ingredients Ageless Zen used to formulate its product-line.

Simply just start with a few products available “on hand” - For your personal use or to use on clients, family & friends.


  • Retail Margin Payout on Web Site Sales:- [You receive the difference between wholesale price and the retail price shown on the website].

  • Plus, Ageless Zen Pays you a Bonus Commission On Each Online Sale.

  • When you sell Case Lots to an approved Spa & Medical Office or Retail Shop, you are paid a commission on these sales also.

Ageless Zen invests only in the BEST; best Premium Natural Ingredients, best Science & Technology [backed by clinical research, best airless packaging (non-touch)], and most important…