Kicks Mosquitoes & Punches Ticks

Product Code:KB210



AZ KICKS MOSQUITOES & PUNCHES TICKS NATURAL SPRAY formula insect deterrence utilizes an effective dose of natural plant oils hated by mosquitoes and other pests. (AZ does not use chemicals like DEET).The AZ product contains a proprietary blend of natural oils with a refreshing critic sense. It is natural and non-toxic. It is developed especially to be gentle on the skin.


AZ’s Kick’s Mosquitoes & Punches Ticks contains the very effective lemon  eucalyptus extract that these bugs hate, plus a special organic parsley- basil extract which masks the body’s smell known to attract some of these bugs. Clinical studies have shown this is as  effective as DEET. A recent controlled laboratory analysis compared 11 commercial mosquito repellents and found that the natural formula used by AZ significantly reduced the attraction of the Aedes  aegypti mosquito to human subjects. Aedes aegypti can carry the viruses for Zika, yellow fever, and dengue.

How to use

*Natural products like to be shaken before use.*

Spray in the palm of hand first,  Then spread on face and neck.  (CAREFUL TO KEEP AWAY FROM EYE AREA.)  Caution:

DO NOT spray directly on or near the face. For continued protection from biting insects, the product should be applied every two hours, and after swimming. Adults should help to apply on children’s faces and avoid eye-stinging and irritation.