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AZ Inner Health & Beauty Natural Supplement (Box Of 35 Stick Packs)


Product Code: IBS035


AgeLess Zen’s Natural Energy & Inner Health/Beauty Supplement Also Supports: ● Brain & Focus ● Skin ● Hair ● Nail ● Bone ● Joint ● Immunity ● Heart ● The AZ Energy and Inner Health/Beauty Supplement was specifically formulated to support the body’s inner chemistry with key vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy functioning of the body’s organ system. The ingredients in this Stick-Pack were chosen to provide a boost of natural energy and support skin nutrition. Unlike tablets and capsule vitamin product(s), AZ has intentionally designed this Stick-Pack product to require 16 oz of water/fluids for each pack – thus helping to assure you will be adequately hydrated throughout your day- which is critical to your health and beauty program. When nourishing the skin (body’s largest organ system) the whole-body benefits from the nutrients in this AZ Stick-Pack; Brain & nervous system, Joints, bones & teeth, lungs, eyes etc. AZ has also included ingredients to support anti-inflammatory, & immune functions, and protect with anti-oxidants. The overall package of vitamins and nutrients creates superb natural stress mitigation, healthy/beautifying anti-ageing support.

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AgeLess Zen Inc. is dedicated to offering skin care solutions based on scientific research and validation. We are proud that our products were developed based on the research conducted at leading medical institutions. Utilizing patented technology, AgeLess Zen now is effective, result oriented skincare able to incorporate extracts of Parsley, Basil, Oils of Seaberry and Cannabis, Vitamins B3 and E, and a patented Peptide Matrix from Eggshell Membrane. Our Science team is dedicated to continuous ongoing research on anti-ageing technologies and our products are founded on the commitment to further develop new application of this technology as this becomes available. This has provided AgeLess Zen with the unique opportunity to formulate and develop for the consumer an innovative and high-quality line of natural skin care products.

Daily serving is 1-2 Stick-Packs per day. Best taken in morning to start your day, and at lunch or early afternoon. If you need energy in the early evening, you may take another Stick-Pack. If taken too late in the evening, it may make falling to sleep more difficult. Add one AZ Stick-Pack to a 16 oz bottle, or glass of water, shake, or stir until dissolved. It is helpful to re-shake or stir from time to time if you are letting the water sit for any length of time. Caution: Each Stick-Pack contains 52mg of caffeine, (from natural Green Tea source) approximately ½ that contained in a cup of coffee. If you are also drinking Coffee during the day, understand with the AZ Stick-Pack you are adding to your caffeine load. The Stick-Pack is an ideal natural replacement for coffee. You will still get an energy boost, but also important nutrients and proper hydration.

Consult your physician before taking any supplements.

ALA, Vitamins B12, Biotin, Blueberry, Vitamins C, D-B5 Calcium, Collagen, Calcium Coral, DHA, Vitamins E, Beta Carotene, Grape Skin Ext., Green Tea Ext., Peptide Matrix, Rei-gen Mushroom, Seaberry, Zinc.