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AZ Ruggedly Handsome and Smooth; is Ageless Zen’s exclusive aftershave. It is a functional yet invigorating face disinfectant, and toner that acts as a 3 in 1 product. Simple, Smart and Easy: 1) It soothes as disinfectants skin as an aftershave, 2) It helps smooth by conditioning and restoring moisture, to reduce the lines and wrinkles brought on by the harsh environment, and 3) It helps mitigate Sun damage by helping guard against harmful UVA and UVB sunrays which cause skin damage and disease.

AZ MODERN MAN All-in-1 Face/Body-Wash & Shampoo is formulated to wash away swear, dirt and excess skin oils, then rejuvenate and energize your skin. Its power comes through three naturally-derived, effective soaps made from coconut oils and sugars. Its rejuvenation energy comes by supplying your skin with Vitamins C & E. It also moisturizes with Aloe vera and natural Jojoba oil. Finally, AZ MODERN MAN All-in-1 Face/Body-wash & Shampoo leaves you with the natural stimulating scent of Ylang Ylang essential oil, which is known or its ability to help re-balance sebum oil levels in the skin.
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AZ Ruggedly Handsome and Smooth;
- Shake the Aftershave before each use to thoroughly mix the natural oils and humectants. - Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand, spread onto both hands by rubbing hand palms together, then apply to your face, forehead, & neck. It is normal to feel a little tingling and/or coolness as you apply the product. This is due to the uniquely blended menthol and peppermint oil components to the formula. If your skin is sensitive and there is any irritation that occurs, we recommend adjusting the amount you are applying until your skin adjusts. Sometimes skin will react to a change in products, or an interaction of products, (i.e. an aftershave and a cologne) but normalizes after a few days. If in your case the irritation persists, discontinue use of the product. After a few days of letting your skin rest (without use of any other product or harsh soaps), then reintroduce the AZ aftershave in a small amount and increase as needed. First Time Use of this Product: Test AZ Ruggedly Handsome and Smooth Aftershave with other products you will be using together in a small area to ensure product compatibility Caution: If you are under the extending exposure to the sun, please apply additional sunscreen of your choice for additional sun protection. Storage: Store at room temperature.
AZ MODERN MAN All-in-1 Face/Body-Wash & Shampoo
Natural products like to be shaken before use. So after shaking the product briefly, pour some in the palm of your hands, or directly on body, face or scalp, then wash. Repeat as necessary, then rinse. Storage: Transport and store AZ MODERN MAN at room temperature.
Caution: For adult use only. Keep away from young children.
Inner Beauty Stick Pack, 6 pcs (free)
Daily serving is 1-2 Stick-Packs per day. Best taken in morning to start your day, and at lunch or early afternoon. If you need energy in the early evening, another Stick-Pack will work. If taken too late, it may make falling to sleep more difficult. Add one AZ Stick-Pack to a 16 oz bottle, or glass of water, shake, or stir until dissolved. It is helpful to re-shake or stir from time to time if you are letting the water sit for any length of time. Caution: Each Stick-Pack contains 52mg of caffeine, (from natural Green Tea source) approximately ½ that contained in a cup of coffee. If you are also drinking Coffee during the day, understand with the AZ Stick-Pack you are adding to your caffeine load. The Stick-Pack is an ideal natural replacement for coffee. You still get an energy boost, but also important nutrients and proper hydration.
Clean & Soft Hand Sanitizer, Travel 60ml
Step 1: Make sure all visible organic matter (for example: dirt) is removed from hands prior to use. Apply 2-3 pumps of the hand cleanser to the palm of one hand.
Step 2: Then rub your hands together covering all surfaces of hands and fingers. Rub together until hand cleanser is fully absorbed into the skin.
AZ Glo-in-Dark Fashion Mask, 1
Wash your hands before and after touching the mask.
Touch only the bands or ties when putting on and taking off your mask.
Make sure the mask fits to cover your nose, mouth and chin. If you adjust the mask to cover those areas, wash your hands before and after.
Make sure you can breathe and talk comfortably through your mask. Wash reusable masks after each use. Discard the mask when visibly soiled or damaged.
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