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Read what our clients have to say about the Agelesszen Skin Care Product

Desiree D (IL)

A fresh face is a necessary step in reaping the benefits of any skin care regimen you apply after cleansing. AZ Splash by AgeLess Zen is a carefully formulated refreshing facial cleanser that balances the use of science with natural ingredients. Aloe, Seaberry, Manuka Honey and Cinnamon work to remove dirt and melt makeup with impressive, indulgent hydration that leaves skin refreshingly clean, but not dry and coated. The result is a fresh, soft, smooth and radiant complexion. Thank you @ageLesszen for sending me this effective and luxurious facial cleanser. My thoughts and reviews on this beauty product are expressly my own.

Dr. Anthony and AJ (CA)

This is our testimony for our two doggies. We have noticed an increased activity and energy level on both of them, one being 12 and the other being 9. They love the vitamins and they look forward to them every night, since they are smaller dogs I give them a half each. The older one used to get lame after running but now he gets up right away and is very energetic and has responded to the vitamins. Since the pets are happy and healthy then we the owners are happy.

Nancy M (CA)

Normally, I don’t write product reviews but, I felt the need to share my experience with this product. My husband and I have our travel trailer up at a friend's campground for the summer. The mosquitos have been relentless this year. We have our granddaughter for a month every summer and mosquitoes love her (unfortunately). I had already tried the AZ Nightly Cellular Rejuvenation Factor and experienced good results so, I thought I’d try the AZ Kick Mosquitoes & Punches Tick Natural Spray. I’m always looking for a natural product. Not only for myself but, definitely for my 5 year old granddaughter. THIS PRODUCT WORKS! None of us got any mosquito bites. Shake it up. Spray it on. And, go about your day. It was fantastic! And, as an extra smells good. I will continue to use this spray. I’m now a forever customer. Thank you,

Sandi B (Lake Tahoe)

I have been using several AgeLess Zen products for over a year now and have been happy with all that I have used. I always like to support local companies that I believe are selling a quality product. The hydrating mist was the first one I tried. Having moved from Houston to the Sierra mountains I was needing something refreshing and hydrating that I could use several times a day. This mist is perfect. It is not only refreshing but also has anti-aging agents in it; some of which give it the natural citrus smell that does not bother my allergies and sensitive skin. Great product for everyday use and especially if you are flying in that dry airplane air or live in a dry climate. Given the times we are living in I have to mention that the hand sanitizer is awesome. Leaves hands feeling soft not dry. So I highly recommend!

Karen G. (CA)

I love the Ageless Zen Nightly cream. If I am traveling and miss a night or 2 of applying it I almost immediately notice a difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. Ageless Zen takes away my dull looking skin and gives it a more luminous appearance. I can’t say enough about this product.

Lori N, (CA)

I want to thank you for creating the AZ Splash Facial Cleanser. I have been using it the past few weeks. I am so happy that my skin feels soft and smooth. I think it’s a great idea to open the pores with warm water and then close them afterwards with the cold water splash. Again, thank you so much, it’s a product like nothing else I have experienced.

Christi R

” I would like to say how impressed I am with your company and the products. I was amazed at the changes in my skin. I would love to still be considered to be able to carry your products through online retailing.”