AZ Splash Natural Facial Cleanser, (240 ml) Set

Product Code:SC240




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How to use

Wet your face and neck with warm water. Put 2 or 3 pumps (+/-) of AZ Splash in the palm of your damp hands, or fingertips. Using your fingertips, massage softly your entire face and neck with AZ Splash and a little warm water in gentle, circular, inward motions (from your cheeks inward toward your nose) for 20 seconds, to cleanse your face, and neck, of the day's dust and/or any makeup. Then rinse off with warm water thoroughly. To clean those soft areas around the eyes, use clean, moist cotton swab(s) to remove any residual dust, makeup, water, or cleanser. Finally, rinse your face with refreshing COLD water to help further stimulate circulation and close your pores. Towel dry and ready for the application of AZ Day or Night Cream. Storage: Transport and store AZ Splash in a COOL place. Caution: For adult use only. Keep away from young children.